Pinball Repair and Maintenance: by Aaron our Pinball Wizard

Embark on a pinball odyssey with Aaron, our virtuoso pinball technician who doesn't just fix machines, but breathes life back into them. A luminary in the Pinball "Homebrew" realm, Aaron's craftsmanship has been showcased at premier pinball industry events. We proudly assert that Aaron stands among the elite, making him your go-to hero for all things pinball.

With a rich background in repairing and restoring a plethora of pinball brands including Jersey Jack, Stern, Williams, American, Gottlieb, and more, Aaron's expertise is unmatched. Whether it's reviving vintage classics or troubleshooting cutting-edge machines, Aaron's seasoned hands are up for the challenge.

In the image , witness Aaron's skill as he meticulously disassembles the playfield of our Venom pinball machine. In just 2 hours, he conquered loose parts and intricate issues, transforming the machine into a gleaming testament to his mastery. Your pinball adventure begins with Aaron – the maestro of restoration and the savior of your gaming delight!

Have a pinball machine in need of revival? Reach out to us at to tap into Aaron's magical prowess. Don't forget to include the name(s) and manufacturer(s) of your machine(s) for a tailored consultation.

Pinball Repair Tips and Resources

Pinball repair can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Here are some general tips and resources for repairing pinball machines:

Understand the Game:
Familiarize yourself with the game's schematics and rules to identify issues and make effective repairs.
Tools and Supplies:
Invest in a basic electronics toolkit and stock up on common pinball parts such as light bulbs, fuses, and rubber rings.
Troubleshooting Techniques:
Use a multimeter to diagnose electrical problems, and carefully inspect for loose connections or broken wires.
Playfield Maintenance:
Regularly clean the playfield and inspect components like flippers and pop bumpers for wear and tear.
Online Communities:
Join forums like Pinside or Tilt Forums to access repair guides, tutorials, and expert advice from seasoned pinball enthusiasts.
Professional Services:
If complex repairs or full restorations are daunting, consider seeking help from experienced technician like Aaron.
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Remember to prioritize safety when working with electricity, and take your time to troubleshoot and repair issues. Good luck, and happy fixing!